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At Carré Jardin, fermentation is our muse, yielding taste sensations that echo tradition and innovation.

Vegetarianism takes the spotlight, offering a spectrum of artfully plated dishes that pay homage to nature's bounty.

We invite you to join us in our journey where Asian-French fusion, fermentation, vegetarian delights, customisation, and collaboration with local farmers converge.

Step into Carré Jardin, where every bite tells a story of passion and innovation, and let us transport you to our "secret garden" through a culinary odyssey unlike any other.

Our Story

Carré Jardin is a culinary haven where the East and West unite in a symphony of flavours.
Our name, meaning "secret garden" in Chinese, encapsulates the essence of our vision: a hidden gem nestled in the serene countryside of Lyon.

Our Team

Led by the culinary master, Chef Xu, whose Cantonese cuisine expertise has matured over a decade, our team paints a vibrant narrative.
Chefs Simiao Liu and Panlin You, alums of the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse, infuse French sophistication honed in Michelin-starred establishments. Together, their mastery crafts an innovative Asian-French fusion menu that transcends boundaries.

Restaurant Carré Jardin​


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Carré Jardin

4 Rue des Trois-Maries, 69005 Lyon

From Wednesday to Sunday
From 12h00 to 14h00 and from 19h00 to 22h00

09 55 12 73 00